Golden Globes Awards 2016

Ricky Gervais is a world famous comedian. He is known for his more or less cruel jokes made in front of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and he was also the center of the spotlight this year after he made his comeback (he was absent last year).


It is safe to say that few had a job that is more demanding in relation to the poor soul or souls left in charge of restraining the live telecast delay of NBC tonight.

Continuing on through the awards show and beginning with all the initial presenting duet, stars used a wide selection of profanity.

The networks have motivator edit and to catch the blue language before it reaches the audience: Over time, stars’ use of the so called fleeting expletive during live events has resulted in a number of run ins between the Federal Communications Commission as well as networks.

The last famous instance in the Golden Globes was while taking an award in 2003, when the vocalist Bono uttered an expletive. In the past few years since, networks have tussled over what punishment means, with the authorities.

Earlier in the evening, Quentin Tarantino taken the award for the best score for “The Hateful Eight,” the film he wrote and directed. The victor was the 87-year old Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who has won the award in 1987 and 2000.

In his address, Mr. Tarantino said that Mr. Morricone had never won an award for a film that he had done, and audience were swift to point out the error.

Mr. Tarantino also called Mr. Morricone his favourite composer — “I do not mean film composer, that ghetto” — he told the crowd, which immediately earned him some criticism on social media.

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The Top 10 Hollywood Studios

What this means is that particular firms commanded nearly the whole process of filmmaking, from creation to exhibition and distribution. There were eight studios subsequently, with a production studio, creative individuals under long term exclusive contracts, supply department as well as an extensive network of theatre chains, with five having completely incorporated conglomerates. These five studios were Loew’s Incorporated/MGM 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, RKO Radio Pictures and Warner Bros. There were three other firms which were considered to be specifically leading studios Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures and United Artists, though they’d theatre chains that are significantly smaller.

These came to a conclusion in 1948 when the set up was challenged under anti trust laws in the Supreme Court. Creation was then distinguished from exhibit and distribution.

However, the expression studio system is being used up to now to the end products of the various businesses as reference. Here is a listing of the ten largest Hollywood studios.

Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and David Geffen created Dreamworks in 1994. Though not a full service studio, Dreamworks organizes for funding and the creation of films. It became independent after over a couple of years, although it really had a short stint as a portion of the Viacom group. The business is now backed by the Reliance ADA Group of India. Katzenburg runs another studio and has since fully divested from the business called Dreamworks Animation.

MGM has downgraded itself from really being a leading studio into a small media firm that distributes movies and television content. It possesses the rights to the franchise of the James Bond films. Its home video and theatrical products that were international are distributed by 20th Century Fox. Columbia Pictures, on the flip side, has helped distribute the very first two Bond films that starred Daniel Craig, with its mother company Sony helping out in following launches.

The Weinstein Company
Bob Weinstein and Harvey created The Weinstein Company in 2005 after leaving Miramax Films, which they’d helped create in 1979. It holds the right to Dimension Films, an ensemble that genre movies are often used for by the brothers.

Lions Gate Entertainment
Lions Gate Entertainment is the most successful studio. It’s lately been renamed as Lionsgate as well as the studio is currently also the owner of Summit Entertainment, the maximum earning miniature important studio from 2009 to 2012. Lionsgate additionally has a share in Roadside Attractions.

Its leading studio subsidiary company is Paramount Pictures, while arthouse films are released under the name of Paramount Vantage. In addition, it has a business called Insurge Pictures. It’s an 8.5 percent share of the whole North American market. In addition, it possesses MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies.

News Corporation
News Corporation is the kit supporting the Fox Extertainment Group. The leading studio subsidiary company is 20th Century Fox, while independent films are broadcast through its Fox Searchlight Pictures. Other firms under News Corporation contain Fox Animation Studios, 20th Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios and Fox Faith. In addition, it has a minority position in New Regency Productions. The business possesses a 10.6 percent share of the US and Canadian marketplaces.

History of filmography


The history of filmography or cinematography as some prefer dates back to the late 1890s. As some of you–reader– might know, this was the time of the invention of motion cameras, and subsequently many film companies got established.

Because of the constraints, the longest films at that time were only 1 minute long. Also, there was no sound until 1927. Fascinating, right?

As the years flew by, the large scale industry of entertainment and movie as we know it today began to take form. The movies got longer and longer, and the shot frequency and overall quality improved drastically.

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